Thoughts from a pastor

Here I sit at our kitchen table looking out the window.  I have enjoyed the numerous butterflies I see out the window.  Debbie and I have two butterfly bushes in the parsonage yard.  There has been so many butterflies this summer.  Perhaps more that I have seen any other year.

I love butterflies.  Don’t we all love them?  They are so beautiful.  They seem to represent freedom and joy.  They fly with such grace and beauty.

I remember that one of the symbols of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus is the butterfly.  That Jesus went into the cocoon of death for us and emerged a butterfly.  Christ Jesus suffered and died for us on the cross of Calvary and was laid in a borrowed grave.  Three days later God raised Jesus from the dead with His new glorious resurrection body.  Jesus’ resurrection was to point to our resurrection in Him.

Some day these old bodies of ours will be transformed into resurrection bodies just like Jesus.  Even now our souls are filled with the Holy Spirit and we are becoming more like Jesus.  Our fleshly bodies suffer, decay and return to dust.  But our souls are being renewed and transformed each moment of every day and some day we will have resurrection bodies!

So do we live like caterpillars, crawling in the dust of our old habits, sins and attitudes? Or are we butterflies? Beautiful… flying… full of grace and freedom….

Just wondering…