Hurricane Harvey Relief

For Harvey Survivors – Donate, Pray, and Make Supply Kits

From Rev. Tom Lank, UMVIM Coordinator for the Northeast Jurisdiction

As United Methodists, we only go to serve when we are invited.  Disaster response begins locally through the Annual Conference that is affected and then is extended to the wider connection as needed.  

So far, local Early Response Teams in Texas are poised to go into storm-affected areas.  Once the needs are assessed they will put out a call for ERTs from further afield and for UMVIM teams.  But that could take weeks or months.  Remember that this recovery will last for many years and that United Methodists are known for staying until the job is done.   Patience in a crisis is hard, but that is what is called for right now.

You can stay up to date on how to help through our UMVIM-NEJ Facebook page or through the websites of the Annual Conferences in the area – particularly the Rio Texas Conference  and the Texas Conference which are being hit hardest.

100% of donations made through The Advance reach their intended target since overhead costs are funded by your generous donations on UMCOR Sunday each year.  The Advance number for Disaster Response, United States is #901670

Do not send unsolicited items such as food, water, and clothing since there may be no avenue for distribution.  Piles of donated goods have been called the “second disaster” because they strain already-thin logistical resources.  Instead, donate Cleaning Kits, Hygiene Kits, and School Kits through UMCOR’s Relief Supply Network.  These will be critically important in the coming months.  You can find the guidelines and helpful videos here.

Prayer to Share

Lord of Heaven and Earth, we pray that as the storm rages and the flood waters rise you would allow us also to rise to the challenge of housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, comforting the grieving, and repairing the breach.  We pray for those who are isolated and in danger, that you would hear their cries and send help.  Give us the wisdom to know when we are called to act or pray or give or wait upon your guidance.  And make us vigilant so that no one is left behind and all come to know your grace in the midst of disaster.  Amen.

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